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Remote Management System

Remote Management System - Function

So how does Hi-Mate benefit you and your business ?

  • By providing you with comprehensive information regarding your equipments location and operational information
  • Archived Operating history
  • Real-time alarm information
  • Theft prevention
  • Fuel management
  • Equipment Performance report

Hi-Mate - Putting the power back in your hands

Location Information

Up-to-date machine location information, including
latitude, longitude, country and region is available
through GPS-satellite technology. If machine is
moved from one location to another, users can track
the location by clicking on the "Machine Travel"

Daily Report

Detailed information regarding the machines daily
operating history is available on the daily report section.
Included in this report is: hourmeter, engine hours, fuel remaining, time of key-on and key-off, and machine location visible on a digital map.


Users can program a virtual geo-fence to prevent the
machine from leaving a specified geographic area.
Once Geo-Fencing is set, a red circle is visible around themachine icon on the map. If the machine is moved outside the Geo-fence boundary, an alarm is triggered and submitted to Hi-mate, notifying the user of the time and date of occurance.

Periodical Maintenance

Users can monitor machine service and maintenance
history. Information available includes maintenance
interval, corresponding hourmeter and maintenance item replacement date. A replacement information chart facilitates easy tracking of maintenance history. Each item is represented by a two-color system:             - Blue indicates less than 30 hours until next maintenance interval.
- Red indicates scheduled maintenance interval is past due.

Alarm Information

All machine failures and corresponding alarm history are stored on the system and sorted by date and description.
Machine location can be identified through digital
mapping technology. Users can also send SMS (Text)
messages or emails to customers or dealers. All machine failure and alarm information can be downloaded for further analysis.

Fleet Management - Effectively manage your equipment fleet

Fleet Monitoring

For multiple machine owners, a fleet monitoring
system provides real-time monitoring of machines
plotted on a digital map. Current service status and
machine location is represented by color coding and
geographic location. If the machine icon is blue, then
the machine is operating normally. If the machine icon is red, then the machine has logged an alarm. By simply clicking on the individual machine icon a user can view more detail regarding current status.

Working Hour (Mode)

By accessing the working hour (Mode) section, users canview the following detailed operating information:
- total working hours
- engine operating hours
- actual working hours
- machine traveling hours
- engine idling hours
- auxiliary attachment work hours (breaker or crusher)
- actual hours of most commonly used work mode

Working Hour Summary

Daily working hour history is displayed in a color-shaded graph and sorted by date. Each day displays engine hours logged at 30 minute intervals, hourmeter, actual working hours, machine travel hours, and fuel level information.

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